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Intern / Extern Background Checks

If you are a intern and wish to pay for your background check follow the link to our Services section and select the appropriate package.  After submitting payment you will be directed to an online order form to request your background check.  Please have your payment information ready.

For Employers with Applicants who are California Residents

For employers who hire from California please provide the applicant with the option to receive a copy of the background report decision when disclosing that a report will be obtained, a copy of "CA Summary of Rights", as well as our toll free number 888.970.4111

Fair Credit Reporting Act

For employers who must make an adverse hiring decision based in whole or in part on a background report please provide the applicant with notice of the decision, a copy of the report, a copy of "A Summary of Your Rights"as well as our toll free number 888.970.4111.

A more detailed explanation of the process may be obtained by following the link below or calling customer service.

Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know

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