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Tiburon Enterprises offers Felony and Misdemeanor criminal as well as Sex Offender searches for private individuals. For employers we also provide Social Security Trace, Federal records, OIG, Credit, DMV and Litigation reports, Employment, Academic and License checks, in addition to other public records on an ad hoc basis.

1. Felony / Misdemeanor Criminal Search

Felony and misdemeanor criminal search for the past seven (7) years (or more*) on a county by county basis. Has the subject been convicted of theft, embezzlement, assault, other violent crimes or misdemeanors?

2. Social Security Trace (for employers only)

Used internally as a locator of any alias (i.e. maiden) names and three (3) most recent addresses associated with the subject Social Security Number.  Also provides Fraud Alert indicating if the number was issued to a person who is now deceased; if the SSN not been issued; or if there is a discrepancy between when the SSN was issued and when the subject was born.

3. Sex Offender Search
Screen registered Sex Offenders on a statewide level. Clearly important for employers whose subject may be in contact with children or others who might be vulnerable. Also a wise choice for individuals who are dating someone new.
4. Student Internship/Externship Background Check

A package report including the Felony / Misdemeanor Criminal Search, Social Security Trace, Sex Offender Registries, OIG - LEIE, and GSA - Excluded Parties.  This report may be requested by the Student Intern and will be reported directly to a pre-approved school, hospital or employer intern program.

5. Extern Program Package

Expands on Student Internship/Externship Background Check with the OFAC - SDN and one Employment Check.

*Subject to availability and additional court / processing fees.
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